About Our Company

Respirolab LLC, started R&D work in 2016; we formed our entity legally in 2020 as a SME business in Medical Equipment in the midwest USA. While the team has been working together for the past five years as a R&D entity with numerous biomedical equipment firms. We have designed and developed several respiratory products in the past and we have done cooperation with large scale production facilities in Asia as well. Our focus is on respiratory related technology. The Company was established in Columbia, MO. We utilize the latest technology throughout our design processes given our close partnership with other US based sensor developers. This gives the company great flexibility and adaptability to bring the latest technology to meet customer requirements. Our primary products are under the FDA process and based on our internal audits we are qualified to pass and get certified by both FDA and CE by early 2022.

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Our Story

RespiroLab has been designing and manufacturing the Respiratory Medical Equipment for over five years. Since 2016 we have designed numerous Oxygen concentrators and High-Tech Noninvasive Ventilators with our latest and greatest products focusing on IoT innovation starting 2020. Our R&D team works every day to improve the performance of our product with one thing in mind: Higher quality of life for all respiratory patients around the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build on our innovation in respiratory care and respiratory engineering for the globe. We’re working to change the lives of respiratory patients everywhere around the world. We hope by the end of 2025 our company will become the leader of Noninvasive Ventilators in the Middle-East, Asia and Africa.