A Comfy Breath

Breeze & Breathe


Sound of Silence

Smart &

             IOT compatible

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Amazing User Interface

Minimal design to friendly use

Built-in humidifier

Not resettable usage time

 Compatible with Bluetooth

pulse oximeter

Oxygen purity monitoring

Optional digital flowmeter

5LPM Oxygen Flow

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Resoxi is a user-friendly device recommended by doctors for home usages and its small dimensions have the advantage to carry to everyplace you want! It has the length of 331 mm , wide of 250mm and height of 702mm .Due to new technologies that we have employed, we created one of the quietest devices in the world. Even easy to use while you`re sleeping!


ResOxyTM is one of the quietest devices on the market. By using it you can enjoy pure oxygen and relax without any disturbing noise. Considering that oxygen concentrators are typically used during rest periods, having a device that produces the least noise is fundamental, and ResOxyTM has been designed to bring you just that.

In five steps

We show you

How to use

incredible easy to lift

Keep your Oxygen level

throughout the night 

Smooth carry on

Socialize and breath peaceful

User friendly and easy setup

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